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Roxy fave sitting and throat kneeling

January 19, 2017 − Roxy

11:40 minutes

Princess Roxy gives the slave the honor to sit on his face and knee on his throat



Dirty Party 25

January 14, 2017 − Princess Mini

12:00 minutes

First Lothar have to take extrem hard punishmant by Princess Mini Nikki and Latin Princess. leter the Princesses take a seat at slaves faces.



Princess Roxy kicking and boot worship

January 06, 2017 − Roxy

11:44 minutes

look how marcyless Princess Roxy can be kicking the loser!


kicking humilation, shoe worship



Princess Roxy hard whipping 02

December 30, 2016 − Roxy

12:59 minutes

Princess Roxy continues whipping the slave hard as hell.



Dirty Party 24

December 24, 2016 − Princess Mini

14:10 minutes

Princess Nikki, Princess Mini and Asian Princesstorture the slave with hot wax, even his dick...



Princess Roxy hard whipping

December 18, 2016 − Roxy

12:00 minutes

Princess Roxy gives the slve a serious whipping. She spits in his face, slaps his face, torture his nipels and kick in his balls.



Princess Roxy cigarette and piss

December 11, 2016 − Roxy

12:44 minutes

First Roxy enjoys a cigarette while the slave is licking her shoes. She spits at him and uses him as a human asthry. At the end she piss in his mouth.



Dirty Party 23

December 05, 2016 − Princess Mini

9:20 minutes

 Princess Nikki, Princess Mini and Giant Princess torture slaves niplles spit at him and whipp him.



Last drops for slave

November 26, 2016 − Princess Lisa, Roxy

4:30 minutes

He can not have enough of the piss :))))



Piss and Spit Coctail

November 23, 2016 − Princess Lisa, Roxy

5:03 minutes

Lisa and Roxy cant stop feeding the new slave with Princesses piss, this time mixed with spit as a coctail.