Nikki and mini piss on slave

2017-05-01 6:54 minutes Peeing
Nikki and mini piss on slave 1
Nikki and mini piss on slave 2
Nikki and mini piss on slave 3
Nikki and mini piss on slave 4

Princess Nikki and Mini are two beautiful Princesses, and what they always have a lot of, is pee! So dehydration is never an option for the slaves!

Princess Nikki tell him to lie down, and she just let it flow, with no thoughts if he can swallow or not. When she is done she tell the slave that it is his job to clean the floor, which means on all fours licking the champagne from the floor. ;). While the Princess Nikki and Mini is preparing for a girl clip, Mini needs to pee. So the slave is once more told to open his toilet mouth so Mini don’t have to walk all the way to the toilet.

Roxy trampling

2017-04-26 Roxy 4:48 minutes Trampling
Roxy trampling 1
Roxy trampling 2

a short clip of Princess Roxy trampling ob her slave.

Roxy teasing by pissing

2017-04-20 Roxy 9:24 minutes Peeing
Roxy teasing by pissing 1
Roxy teasing by pissing 2

Roxy siits on the floor smoking a cigarette just starts to piss. her slave is watching. After she is ready with the cigarette, he needs to lick all the piss from the floor.

Pain is all you get!

2017-04-14 Princess Mini 17:49 minutes Female Domination
Pain is all you get! 1
Pain is all you get! 2
Pain is all you get! 3
Pain is all you get! 4


You know Nikki love so much to inflict pain to her slave. Mini is never hard to ask to join her in these quests. Mini loves maybe even more than Nikki to inflict pain. So what are they to do with this slave today? Well they find some wooden spoons, and Nikki think it is time to make his knuckles hurt.. BADLY!

Nikki knock hard on his knuckles, and neither Mini or Nikki care if it hurts. Just get your hands out again. They don’t care about you! This is our their time!

To make it more painful for him, Nikki trample his hands with her spiked heels as well. So tonight I for sure know his hands will not touch anything!

Roxys boots and feet licker

2017-04-06 Roxy 12:44 minutes Foot Fetish
Roxys boots and feet licker 1
Roxys boots and feet licker 2

The pervert licks Roxys boots and feet

Roxy face sitting

2017-03-31 Roxy 11:17 minutes Face Sitting
Roxy face sitting 1
Roxy face sitting 2

its time for face sitting slave...

Mini and Nikki ballbusting

2017-03-27 Princess Mini 5:25 minutes Ball busting
Mini and Nikki ballbusting 1
Mini and Nikki ballbusting 2
Mini and Nikki ballbusting 3
Mini and Nikki ballbusting 4

After having whipped the slave to the ground, Princess Mini and Princess Nikki still wants to punish the slave even more. It is time for ballbusting! Princess Nikki takes charge and kick his balls really hard with her stilettos, while Mini is watching. Princess Mini does not say no to an invitation to damage his family jewels as well. There is no mercy from these Princesses. Pain is just the beginning. Get back on your knees again slave! And spread your legs wide!

Roxy Piss in glas

2017-03-21 Roxy 4:17 minutes Peeing
Roxy Piss in glas 1
Roxy Piss in glas 2

Roxy piss in a glas, slave swollows all.

Roxa and Lisa face slap again

2017-03-14 Princess Lisa and Roxy 11:55 minutes Face slapping
Roxa and Lisa face slap again 1
Roxa and Lisa face slap again 2

Once again Lady Lisa and Princess Roxy gives the slave a lesson in hard face slapping and spitting

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Mini and Nikki mercyless whippers

2017-03-04 Princess Mini 12:45 minutes Whipping
Mini and Nikki mercyless whippers 1
Mini and Nikki mercyless whippers 2
Mini and Nikki mercyless whippers 3
Mini and Nikki mercyless whippers 4

eedless to say, but Princess Mini is a really had whipper, and Princess Nikki is doing extremely well inflicting pain as well. ;) Both Princesses have the slave on all fours, and Mini is equipped with a bull whip while Princess Nikki is using a belt. Both Princesses takes turns in whipping the slave, and Princess Nikki promise him to start “soft”. But the slave falls to the floor anyways, and Princess Nikki is not happy with this. So soft is put away, now it is full strength in every whip stroke. The Princesses keep going over and over, and the slave falls to the floor several times, which off course do not make the Princesses very happy. So they whip him also laying on the floor. Princess Mini shows Princess Nikki how to achieve even more pain in every whip with the belt, which is actually very visible and audible. ;). They trade equipment and Keep going, until in the end it is just Mini who is whipping the slave. This should be a lesson not to piss of two beautiful Princesses with a whip in their hands.


This clips was shoot last week, more to come

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