Dirty Party 20 Piss and Ballbusting

2016-10-28 Princess Mini 11:10 minutes Peeing
Dirty Party 20 Piss and Ballbusting 1
Dirty Party 20 Piss and Ballbusting 2

the slaves have to lick dirty shoes of the ladies first, but after this they can swollow piss of Nikki Mini and lorena, Oh la la so much piss!

What follows is cruel ballbusting, what a pleasure to get ballbusted by such lovely princesses!

Dirty Party 19

2016-10-22 Princess Mini 11:30 minutes Whipping
Dirty Party 19 1
Dirty Party 19 2

No marcy for Lothar...Princess Nikki and Princess Mini are very hard whippersand the third girl want be softer :)

Dirty Party 14

2016-10-15 12:56 minutes Peeing
Dirty Party 14 1
Dirty Party 14 2

Princess Nikki and the Asian Princess use the slave as a human ashtry and as a human toilet

Dirty Party 13

2016-10-09 8:39 minutes Whipping
Dirty Party 13 1
Dirty Party 13 2

Princess Nikki shows lady paola what serious whipping means :)

Dirty Party 10

2016-10-04 Princess Neomi 6:30 minutes Peeing
Dirty Party 10 1
Dirty Party 10 2

Nikki Neomi and Paola use the slaves as human toilets...

Dirty Party 09

2016-09-29 Princess Neomi 17:39 minutes Whipping
Dirty Party 09 1
Dirty Party 09 2

neomi and Nikki loves to humilate slaves together. They whipp one of the slaves very very hard and let the other lick some chewed food from the floor.

Dirty Party 06

2016-09-22 Princess Anna and Princess Vivian 14:00 minutes Whipping
Dirty Party 06 1
Dirty Party 06 2

Anna and Vivian give the slave a serious whipping, but nikki knows he can take more, so she show the girls how marciless they can treat her slaves. Finally all girls have fun kicking his useless balls.

Lisa preparing for shooting

2016-09-18 Princess Lisa 4:56 minutes Female Domination
Lisa preparing for shooting 1
Lisa preparing for shooting 2

some backstage momants of Lisa preparing for a shooting

Lisas piss slave

2016-09-14 Princess Lisa 7:45 minutes Peeing
Lisas piss slave 1
Lisas piss slave 2

first lisa gives him her morning pee from the botlle, then she piss directlly in his loser mouth

just a trash second cam

2016-09-09 Princess Lisa and Roxy 8:20 minutes Face slapping
just a trash second cam 1
just a trash second cam 2

watch the ultimate face slaping and kicking clip from other cam angle.