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the girl was a sexy secret agent. She was hired to beat a boss. The boss does not know anything. She was wearing a sexy black thong bikini outfit with a black socks or latex black thong bikini with black latex boots in order to get close to the boss since the boss is a masochist and he love to be dominated. At first, she was enjoying to dominate him since she thought she was letting him suffer but she was totally wrong. She realises that the guy is enjoying all the moments and keep touching her body. She feels annoying and trying to restrain him for not touching her. But it was useless because the guy is too strong for the girl. The girl has no any idea but to keep dominating him and allowed him to touch her as much as he wanted. The boss has a type of kink which is touching, rubbing and kissing women’s whole body during the scissorhold, facesitting and breast smothering.  The girl has no idea how to beat him since she smothered and scissored him many times. He keeps touching and kissing her whole body repeatedly. During the breast smothering, this should be the sexiest one. The boss hugged her and grabbed her ass for not letting her go for awhile because breast smother is his favourite position to kiss the girl’s breast. Finally, The girl had an idea. She put him in reverse scissorhold and let him enjoy the view and let him touching her butt as much as he want.


**the touching legs and grabbing ass movement must done repeatedly. Please shoot the video on bed.