Mini snoking Pov Front Cam HD 1
Mini snoking Pov Front Cam HD 2

The clip is a simple POV with Mini in front of the camera shot from the waist up wearing a nice bra. The fantasy is that I am naked and bound in front of her and she is smoking a cigarette and torturing my nipples with it. She takes great pleasure in burning them repeatedly and sadisticly. If possible have something off camera that she can press the cigarette on so that it comes back into shot looking like it has been used to burn me perhaps she might even have to relight it. My mouth is gagged open and she uses it as her ashtray throughout She taunts me about how she is never going to let me go and will be torturing me every day. As much English as possible but a few Hungarian phrases wouldn't hurt. At the end of the clip she stubs the cigarette out on my tongue and tells me to swallow it. I would like this to be the first in a series of POV torture clip featuring Mini.