Pain is all you get! 1
Pain is all you get! 2
Pain is all you get! 3
Pain is all you get! 4


You know Nikki love so much to inflict pain to her slave. Mini is never hard to ask to join her in these quests. Mini loves maybe even more than Nikki to inflict pain. So what are they to do with this slave today? Well they find some wooden spoons, and Nikki think it is time to make his knuckles hurt.. BADLY!

Nikki knock hard on his knuckles, and neither Mini or Nikki care if it hurts. Just get your hands out again. They don’t care about you! This is our their time!

To make it more painful for him, Nikki trample his hands with her spiked heels as well. So tonight I for sure know his hands will not touch anything!

Schlagworte: humiliaiton