piss and trample

22.01.2018Princess Lisa6:55 MinutenTrampling
piss and trample 1
piss and trample 2

after giving him her piss lisa trample on her slave

Roxy trampling

26.04.2017Roxy4:48 MinutenTrampling
Roxy trampling 1
Roxy trampling 2

a short clip of Princess Roxy trampling ob her slave.

Cats Games Kimi 03

14.02.2016Cat Sisters15:06 MinutenTrampling

Cats Games Kimi 01

23.01.2016Cat Sisters12:30 MinutenTrampling
Cats Games Kimi 01 1
Cats Games Kimi 01 2

This session shows how extrem hard the cat sisters are. Hard whipping and kicking, face slapping, some ballbusting, spitting in pathetic faces, hard trampling, but also some brath taking face sitting are the content of this session. The cats allways change between the slaves, we filmed it with 2 cameras, one of them followed domi cat all the time, the other focused more on kimi cat.

Tina Blade and Nikki 05

06.11.2015Tina Blade11:22 MinutenTrampling
Tina Blade and Nikki 05 1
Tina Blade and Nikki 05 2

Princess Tina looks so sexy in this clip, she starts to whip the slave and trample on his bodey. Princess nikki comes inside, she was outdoors and she needs the slave to lick her shoes clean of the dirt of the street.

Domi Cat 2015_03

05.11.2015Domi Cat7:25 MinutenTrampling
Domi Cat 2015_03 1
Domi Cat 2015_03 2

The last task for today is to stand hard trampling like a man.

Schlagworte: trampeling, kicken