Amirah Look at Me Again 1
Amirah Look at Me Again 2

This would be a very up close POV clip focused with the camera zoomed all the way into her face where here eyes and mouth are clearly visible. where Amira's mouth & tongue is extra dirty and white and if possible she is in a hot room or outside in hot sun sweating so her face is glistening with sweat. Her entire face is in view the entire time and she opens her eyes wide and makes stern and consistent eye contact with the camera/viewer through the entire clip she looks at the viewer/camera holding her gaze with her eyes always in view. then she tells the viewer to "look at me", pauses and says "smell my breath" and opens her mouth in a wide disgusting manner and orderd her breath repeatedly hard into the camera. fogging the lens momentarily. She also sticks her tongue stuck out as far out as possible to make the viewer look deep down her throat and show off how dirty the back of her tongue is. this time she doesn't do as much coughing and hocking but mostly heavy nasty breaths into the camera making the viewer smell her breath while looking into her eyes.. she repeats this throughout the clip and makes her mouth into as gross and disgusting of shapes as she is able to while ordering her breath into the camera making loud exaggerated breath noises with deep exhalations. she also does periodic stern stare downs with constant eye contact at the viewer prior to unleashing her  breaths while looking at the viewer/camera. any spit she can accumulate, she lets drip out of her mouth and licks it to spread it around her lips mouth and chin letting it drool sloppily around her face. (see attached pic for close up zoom level)