Faceslaps for money 1
Faceslaps for money 2
Faceslaps for money 3
Faceslaps for money 4

Nikki and Lyen are in the mood to have a big party. So where should they get the money for this? Well a stupid slave is convenient enough for such a task. The Princesses comes back over and over to the slave and demand him to pay them money.

Depending on the amount of money, he receives faceslaps “in the local currency”. The Princesses keep serving faceslap after faceslap. And The slave must count the number of slaps, to make it humiliating for him.

In the end he rather broke, so he must take a serious high number of slaps, because the Princesses are rather pissed of! When the Princesses are bored by this game, they leave him with his red cheeks with no remorse.