Dirty Party 10

2016-10-04Princess Neomi6:30 minutesPeeing
Dirty Party 10 1
Dirty Party 10 2

Nikki Neomi and Paola use the slaves as human toilets...

Dirty Party 09

2016-09-29Princess Neomi17:39 minutesWhipping
Dirty Party 09 1
Dirty Party 09 2

neomi and Nikki loves to humilate slaves together. They whipp one of the slaves very very hard and let the other lick some chewed food from the floor.

Dirty Party 06

2016-09-22Princess Anna and Princess Vivian14:00 minutesWhipping
Dirty Party 06 1
Dirty Party 06 2

Anna and Vivian give the slave a serious whipping, but nikki knows he can take more, so she show the girls how marciless they can treat her slaves. Finally all girls have fun kicking his useless balls.

Lisa preparing for shooting

2016-09-18Princess Lisa4:56 minutesFemale Domination
Lisa preparing for shooting 1
Lisa preparing for shooting 2

some backstage momants of Lisa preparing for a shooting

Lisas piss slave

2016-09-14Princess Lisa7:45 minutesPeeing
Lisas piss slave 1
Lisas piss slave 2

first lisa gives him her morning pee from the botlle, then she piss directlly in his loser mouth

just a trash second cam

2016-09-09Princess Lisa and Roxy8:20 minutesFace slapping
just a trash second cam 1
just a trash second cam 2

watch the ultimate face slaping and kicking clip from other cam angle.

Just a trash

2016-09-04Princess Lisa and Roxy7:49 minutesFace slapping
Just a trash 1
Just a trash 2

Look how hard Lisa and Roxy can slap the face of the slave, whipp and kick the other. Man are just trush for this girls!

Anna can not sht

2016-08-31Princess Anna11:03 minutesFemale Domination
Anna can not sht 1
Anna can not sht 2

The title is the description enough...Anna try to sht in slaves mouth but she can not. her asshole works it opans and close, you can waqtch it and imagine lay under her like the lucky slave waiting for her brownies...well sh can pee a litlle :)

Dirty Party 01

2016-08-22Princess Anna and Princess Vivian6:05 minutesPeeing
Dirty Party 01 1
Dirty Party 01 2

Princess Nikkis friends Vivian and Anna comes to the Dirty Party today. The girls starts the party  by pissing in slaves mouth and pissing on slave.

Vivian also needs more then pee but we can not show it on this website...contact us if you want to see what has happan later.


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just a femdom party 02

2016-08-16Princess Lisa and Roxy8:43 minutesFemale Domination
just a femdom party 02 1
just a femdom party 02 2

just a femdom party with lisa and Roxy: face slapping, whipping, spitting, shoe licking, feet licking