Domi Cat 2015_06

2015-12-26Domi Cat8:27 minutesFemale Domination
Domi Cat 2015_06 1
Domi Cat 2015_06 2

first she tramples on him then she whips him really hard!

Princess Neomi and Princess Mini 02 1
Princess Neomi and Princess Mini 02 2

The Princesses have so much fun whipping the slave like crazy. They are really really hard and it makes them so horny that they start to play with the pussies. The girls piss on the floor and let the slave lick all the piss while continueing to whip him!

Domi Cat 2015_05

2015-12-15Domi Cat14:15 minutesFemale Domination
Domi Cat 2015_05 1
Domi Cat 2015_05 2

Domi continues the domination with scissorhold and face sitting

Piss for three

2015-12-08Princess Neomi13:47 minutesPeeing
Piss for three 1
Piss for three 2

Princess Neomi whips the three slave kneeling down to her feet. then she piss a lot to the floor and the idiots have to lick all the piss from the floor while she continue whipping them!

Domi Cat 2015_04

2015-12-02Domi Cat15:00 minutesFemale Domination
Domi Cat 2015_04 1
Domi Cat 2015_04 2

Another day another play: Domi cat use her slave as a spiton, shoe cleaner, human furniture, she kicks him and trample on him.

Suzie Moss slave tryaou-are you a pain slave? 1
Suzie Moss slave tryaou-are you a pain slave? 2

Suzie Moss gives the slave a serious whipping. She slaps also his face and kicks his body. tryout ok. Slave is allowed to come again :)


ah at the end there is a litlle suprise waiting for the slave :)

Princess Neomi and Princess Smiley 01 1
Princess Neomi and Princess Smiley 01 2

Slave Thor made a song for Princess Nikki. The Princesses let slave Lothar dance to the music, they have a lot of fun watching the loser dance. They start to dance with him and kick his ass brutally while dancing. Princess neomi piss also in his mouth.

Very humilating clip with arogant Princesses and a total loser!

Princess Neomi and Princess Mini 01 1
Princess Neomi and Princess Mini 01 2

Princess Mini gives Princess Neomi a lesson how to use a bullwhip on a loser! the girls are realy hard today!

Princess Lisa 09

2015-11-09Princess Lisa9:03 minutesFemale Domination
Princess Lisa 09 1
Princess Lisa 09 2

princess Lisa whipps the slave and kick in his ass.

Princess Lisa 08

2015-11-09Princess Lisa7:52 minutesShoes
Princess Lisa 08 1
Princess Lisa 08 2

a pathetic slave is usefull only for cleaning the soles of Lisas snikers. he never do it really good so Lisa needs to whip him really hard.