wheelchair man in spit heaven

2015-11-06Cat Sisters11:52 minutesSpitting
wheelchair man in spit heaven 1
wheelchair man in spit heaven 2

today we was in the mood to cover his ugly loser face complatlly with our devine spit. we are the best spitters around Europe!

you can smell our shoes not asses

2015-11-06Domi Cat13:12 minutesFace slapping
you can smell our shoes not asses 1
you can smell our shoes not asses 2

first we tease the stupid slave with our beautifull asses, but no way, not for you! Smell our asses insteed weelchair loser!

spit and feet worship in the wheelchair

2015-11-06Domi Cat7:10 minutesSpitting
spit and feet worship in the wheelchair 1
spit and feet worship in the wheelchair 2

the loser in the weel chair is only good to spit in his face and try to fuck his stupid mouth as deep as posible with our feets.

cleaning shoes after ballbusting

2015-11-06Cat Sisters10:29 minutesShoes
cleaning shoes after ballbusting 1
cleaning shoes after ballbusting 2

The cat sisters dislike any rest of slaves hairy cock at the shoes.The loser have to clean the shoes, but he recive some help from the cats in form of sisters devine spit!

cbt using spikes

2015-11-06Cat Sisters7:29 minutesFemdom
cbt using spikes 1
cbt using spikes 2

The cat sisters torture slaves usless cock using spikes. That really hurts!

ballbusting and kicking

2015-11-06Cat Sisters7:15 minutesBall busting
ballbusting and kicking 1
ballbusting and kicking 2

The cat sisters kick the old guy in his usless nuts, they also kick his ass. kimi cat do it using special cruel spikes. When he goes down the cats jump on his belly and starts to trample on him. marcyless!!!

spit for good cleaning

2015-11-06Cat Sisters7:34 minutesSpitting
spit for good cleaning 1
spit for good cleaning 2

isaura clened the soles of our shoes very well, so we can give him a gift! our spit in his face!

clean our shoes

2015-11-06Cat Sisters10:33 minutes
clean our shoes 1
clean our shoes 2

its time again to clean our shoes, that is the reason we have slaves, just use them for things like cleaning our shoes!

sitting on his face

2015-11-06Cat Sisters5:20 minutesFace Sitting
sitting on his face 1
sitting on his face 2

wheel chair slave in heaven, we are sitting on his face. so close to our pussies! But do not dream, wake up we will torture your nipples to wake you up!

our feet in your face

2015-11-06Cat Sisters8:49 minutesFoot Fetish
our feet in your face 1
our feet in your face 2

Its an honor for such a loser like you to lick our devine feet. Lick all the dirt we walk over!