Princess Neomi and Princess Smiley 01 1
Princess Neomi and Princess Smiley 01 2

Slave Thor made a song for Princess Nikki. The Princesses let slave Lothar dance to the music, they have a lot of fun watching the loser dance. They start to dance with him and kick his ass brutally while dancing. Princess neomi piss also in his mouth.

Very humilating clip with arogant Princesses and a total loser!

Princess Neomi and Princess Mini 01 1
Princess Neomi and Princess Mini 01 2

Princess Mini gives Princess Neomi a lesson how to use a bullwhip on a loser! the girls are realy hard today!

Princess Lisa 09

2015-11-09Princess Lisa9:03 minutesFemale Domination
Princess Lisa 09 1
Princess Lisa 09 2

princess Lisa whipps the slave and kick in his ass.

Princess Lisa 08

2015-11-09Princess Lisa7:52 minutesShoes
Princess Lisa 08 1
Princess Lisa 08 2

a pathetic slave is usefull only for cleaning the soles of Lisas snikers. he never do it really good so Lisa needs to whip him really hard.

Princess Lisa 07

2015-11-09Princess Lisa12:19 minutesWhipping
Princess Lisa 07 1
Princess Lisa 07 2

Marcyless Lisa kicks slaves balls and whips the loser very hard.

Princess Lisa 06

2015-11-09Princess Lisa17:30 minutesWhipping
Princess Lisa 06 1
Princess Lisa 06 2

Kinky Lisa whipps the slave , she use him as a human asthry, she trample on him spit on him and slap his face.

Princess Lisa 05

2015-11-09Princess Lisa13:53 minutesFemale Domination
Princess Lisa 05 1
Princess Lisa 05 2

Next day the session with slave Lothar continues...after some teasing with her georgious body Lisa orders the slave to lick her red boots. from time to time she kicks his balls, then she trample on his ugly body.

Princess Lisa 04

2015-11-09Princess Lisa13:30 minutesBall busting
Princess Lisa 04 1
Princess Lisa 04 2

Kinky Lisa first tramples on slave and let him lick her yummy asshole later.

Princess Lisa 03

2015-11-09Princess Lisa13:37 minutesFemale Domination
Princess Lisa 03 1
Princess Lisa 03 2

Kinky Lisa is teasing very sexy the slave, she sits on his face, even let him lick her asshole, she spits in his mouth and let him lick her feet.A very sexy Princess:)

Princess Lisa 02

2015-11-09Princess Lisa10:01 minutesHuman Ashtray
Princess Lisa 02 1
Princess Lisa 02 2

kinky Lisa use her slave as a asthry, sspitton and shoe cleaner, she sometimes kick him in his nuts!t