Tina Blade and Nikki 01

2015-11-06Tina Blade15:54 minutesFemale Domination
Tina Blade and Nikki 01 1
Tina Blade and Nikki 01 2

Princess Tina, a friend of Princess Nikki came for the first time too a shooting. In this first clip she is just sitting on a chair annd watsching Princess Nikki humilating her new slave. Peincess Nikki starts with some very hard face slapes, the slave wrote her he can take a lot, but he did not expected her to start so hard :), she also spits at him trample on him and kick him everywhere on his body. A typical welcom clip of Princess Nikki, she allways shows a new slave instantly where he belongs!

Amanda Tampon 04

2015-11-06Amanda Tampon9:59 minutesFemale Domination
Amanda Tampon 04 1
Amanda Tampon 04 2

Amanda Tampon makes some sports using her slave as a dormat. She speaks on her mobile with some friends ignoring the slave totally. Then he finally he is allowed to lick the soles of her Sport shoes clean!

Amanda Tampon 03

2015-11-06Amanda Tampon13:34 minutesFoot Fetish
Amanda Tampon 03 1
Amanda Tampon 03 2

The slave has to lick Amandas shoes and feet clean. All the time a Tampon is hanging ourt of her pussy. Would you not like to eat it! And look also in her pretty face, look in her eays!

Amanda Tampon 02

2015-11-06Amanda Tampon15:28 minutesFace Sitting
Amanda Tampon 02 1
Amanda Tampon 02 2

Amanda Tampon rides her slave around the flat, then he is allowed to lick her pretty asshole. All the time you can see a Tampon hanging out of her pussy!

Amanda Tampon 01

2015-11-05Amanda Tampon8:32 minutesSpitting
Amanda Tampon 01 1
Amanda Tampon 01 2

Amanda seams to be a shy Girl at the irst sight. Princess Nikki gives her a lesson how to treat a slave. Starting with spiting in his pathetic face to make him understand where he belongs! Amanda is a great spitter, and definatlly not shy!

Domi Cat 2015_03

2015-11-05Domi Cat7:25 minutesTrampling
Domi Cat 2015_03 1
Domi Cat 2015_03 2

The last task for today is to stand hard trampling like a man.

Domi Cat 2015_02

2015-11-05Domi Cat6:11 minutesSpitting
Domi Cat 2015_02 1
Domi Cat 2015_02 2

The second task for today is to be usefull for Domi as a disgusting spitton!

Domi Cat 2015_01

2015-11-05Domi Cat9:56 minutesFemale Domination
Domi Cat 2015_01 1
Domi Cat 2015_01 2

First task for today is to clean Domis shoes. The slave has to use his tongue for this chalange!