street dirt from our boots

2015-11-06Cat Sisters7:36 minutesFemale Domination
street dirt from our boots 1
street dirt from our boots 2

Wheel chair slave is sitting all the day at home, can not walk over the street oh oh...but we are young beautifull and hlthy, we walk over the streets for you and we bring you all the dirt and you can lick it from our sexy boots you bastard!

whipping the weelchair victim

2015-11-064:53 minutesWhipping
whipping the weelchair victim 1
whipping the weelchair victim 2

Wheel chair slave wanted to find out how much pain he can take! so lets find out!

wheel chair slave

2015-11-06Cat Sisters11:36 minutesFemale Domination
wheel chair slave 1
wheel chair slave 2

We have a new slave and this on is a real loser sitting in a wheel chair. Oh but he can also lay down on the ground if we promise him to walk over his paralized body like he would be a carpet. this idiot loves us to stand on his face!

how cats treat a dog

2015-11-0612:46 minutesWhipping
how cats treat a dog 1
how cats treat a dog 2

lets play a game slave! Act like a dog , and we will show you how the cats treat a ! They just kick him everywhere like a pice of sht, they whip him hard, trample on his body! Theyy give him a lot of humilating tasks!

Spitting Lessons for Nikki

2015-11-06Cat Sisters12:42 minutesSpitting
Spitting Lessons for Nikki 1
Spitting Lessons for Nikki 2

Everybody knows about the spitting skills of the cats. Well Princess Nikki decided to visit them and learn how to spit really dirty. The cats and Nikki spits together at two loser slaves, covering them with yummy princesses spit. Maybe the best spitting clip we ever shoot! Spit, Spit, Spit

Marina German 02

2015-11-06Marina German11:10 minutesFemale Domination
Marina German 02 1
Marina German 02 2

Lady Marina use slave swiss bitch to clean her ass after She says him to stick his tongue deep into her yummy ass! Then she tease her slaves showing them how she will use them ass her pi$$ slaves!

Marina German 01

2015-11-06Marina German14:38 minutesFemale Domination
Marina German 01 1
Marina German 01 2

Lady Marina presents us her new slave. She asks him about his perversions, and then she makes with him what she wants. She slaps his face, she spits at him she kicks him and whips him. Clip in germman! Laddy Marina is a very strict german Lady!

Rachel Evans and Anna Solis Piss Loser 1
Rachel Evans and Anna Solis Piss Loser 2

The girls piss on the slave slap his face, spit on him, kick him.Totel Humilation!

Samantha Bentley Piss Lady

2015-11-06Samantha Bentley9:18 minutesPeeing
Samantha Bentley Piss Lady 1
Samantha Bentley Piss Lady 2

Samantha Bentley needs to piss. She orders the slave to lick her pussy and asshole clean after using the toilet.

Tina Blade and Nikki 06

2015-11-06Tina Blade7:46 minutesFemale Domination
Tina Blade and Nikki 06 1
Tina Blade and Nikki 06 2

Princess Tina wants to try how fast she can kick the slave. She kicks him all the time everywhere dosn´t matter if he likes or not. This girl becomes really cruel one! At the and she whips him a litlle but also really hard and then she sands him home!