Amanda Tampon 02

2015-11-06Amanda Tampon15:28 minutesFace Sitting
Amanda Tampon 02 1
Amanda Tampon 02 2

Amanda Tampon rides her slave around the flat, then he is allowed to lick her pretty asshole. All the time you can see a Tampon hanging out of her pussy!

Amanda Tampon 01

2015-11-05Amanda Tampon8:32 minutesSpitting
Amanda Tampon 01 1
Amanda Tampon 01 2

Amanda seams to be a shy Girl at the irst sight. Princess Nikki gives her a lesson how to treat a slave. Starting with spiting in his pathetic face to make him understand where he belongs! Amanda is a great spitter, and definatlly not shy!

Domi Cat 2015_03

2015-11-05Domi Cat7:25 minutesTrampling
Domi Cat 2015_03 1
Domi Cat 2015_03 2

The last task for today is to stand hard trampling like a man.

Domi Cat 2015_02

2015-11-05Domi Cat6:11 minutesSpitting
Domi Cat 2015_02 1
Domi Cat 2015_02 2

The second task for today is to be usefull for Domi as a disgusting spitton!

Domi Cat 2015_01

2015-11-05Domi Cat9:56 minutesFemale Domination
Domi Cat 2015_01 1
Domi Cat 2015_01 2

First task for today is to clean Domis shoes. The slave has to use his tongue for this chalange!