lick my ass i finger yours

2017-11-15 Princess Lisa 13:50 minutes Female Domination
lick my ass i finger yours  1
lick my ass i finger yours  2

lisa have fun fingering slaves ass hole while he is licking hers.

piss for welcome

2017-11-08 Princess Lisa 8:00 minutes
piss  for welcome 1
piss  for welcome 2

to welcome lisas new slave have to lick her boots and swollow her piss, she also spits in his face.

Lisa spit and burp

2017-11-01 Princess Lisa 7:24 minutes
Lisa spit and burp 1
Lisa spit and burp 2

Lisa is spitting and burping in slaves face

Kinky Lisa Whip kick and trample

2017-10-25 Princess Lisa 9:42 minutes
Kinky Lisa Whip kick and trample 1
Kinky Lisa Whip kick and trample 2

Kinky Lisa takes her slave hard today she whips and kicks his ass and trample on him.

double fuck swiss bitch

2017-10-18 Princess Lisa and Roxy 16:19 minutes Domination
double fuck swiss bitch 1
double fuck swiss bitch 2

Lisa and Roxy give swiss bitch a lesson what a hooker boy have to take.

My Floor Pee Hole

2017-10-11 5:09 minutes
My Floor Pee Hole 1
My Floor Pee Hole 2
My Floor Pee Hole 3
My Floor Pee Hole 4

Princess Nikki is walking around in the apartment with Lien Parker, and she have her “pee hole” lying on the floor. This is “it’s” only task! Lie there and catch the pee whenever she need to relive herself! So Nikki keep stopping at the pee hole, and pee a mouth full every now and then!

Lien and Nikki just keep walking around, totally ignoring the pee hole! But Nikki really has a lot today. So eventually she have to stop for a longer pee break. Nikki pee’s more than she have ever done before. It is really a lot of pee! So the pee hole is swallowing liters of piss from me!

It is so convenient to have a hole in the ground to just pee into ;). So after having filled her pee hole with her precious pee, she just tell “it” to clean itself! It is not a human, it is just a toilet pee hole!

Whipping labor needs payment!

2017-10-04 8:15 minutes Whipping
Whipping labor needs payment! 1
Whipping labor needs payment! 2
Whipping labor needs payment! 3
Whipping labor needs payment! 4

Nikki and Lyen is two very beautiful, but dangerous Princesses. With a belt in their hand it is rather lethal! The Princesses are walking around in the apartment with their belts, and every time they stop at the Slave he must pay them. Whipping is hard labor, and the Princesses demands to be payed to whip the smock! He has to solve some easy mathematics, to guess his number of whips. But he is soooooo slow!

Princess Nikki and Lyen keep whipping the slave over and over on his back and his ass. But he should feel privileged to be keeping the Princesses happy with their belts.

kicking for money

2017-09-27 7:32 minutes
kicking for money 1
kicking for money 2
kicking for money 3
kicking for money 4

what a kinky game, the slave needs to pay Nikki and Lilliane Parker for kicking his ass :)

Faceslaps for money

2017-09-21 7:00 minutes Face slapping
Faceslaps for money 1
Faceslaps for money 2
Faceslaps for money 3
Faceslaps for money 4

Nikki and Lyen are in the mood to have a big party. So where should they get the money for this? Well a stupid slave is convenient enough for such a task. The Princesses comes back over and over to the slave and demand him to pay them money.

Depending on the amount of money, he receives faceslaps “in the local currency”. The Princesses keep serving faceslap after faceslap. And The slave must count the number of slaps, to make it humiliating for him.

In the end he rather broke, so he must take a serious high number of slaps, because the Princesses are rather pissed of! When the Princesses are bored by this game, they leave him with his red cheeks with no remorse.

Pay to have our Spit!

2017-09-14 11:50 minutes Spitting
Pay to have our Spit! 1
Pay to have our Spit! 2
Pay to have our Spit! 3
Pay to have our Spit! 4

Princess Nikki and Lyen Parker are two very smart Princesses. They have their pathetic slave standing on his knees. They come walking around in the apartment, and everytime they come to the slave, it is simply “PAY!” the slave has no choice and pays the Princesses. So if he get a right number he will receive spit as much as his money can buy! These Princesses have royal spit, so it is not cheap! Princess Nikki and Lyen Parker just fills his face and mouth with their precious saliva until he is completely broke! For sure the slave is showered for today.