August 2018 Domi and Kimi 02 1
August 2018 Domi and Kimi 02 2

To say hallo to the girls slave Lothar have to lick princesses feet clean

Nikki and Mini Fart and Pee 1
Nikki and Mini Fart and Pee 2

Does any guys, slaves or whatever they are stand a chance against the Feds and the police? I think not! Minnie Manga and me dominate this low life criminal from beginning to end. But a prison is too good for him.We just feed him our stinky farts. He cannot escape, he is handcuffed, and both Minnie and me remove the this fabric between our ass and his face, and just continue farting over and over in his face! So just to show him how low I think he is, I start peeing on him in the end. Minnie also tries, but I guess she let it all out as air.

foot job competition

2018-09-05 7:00 minutes Female Domination, Foot Fetish, Footjob
foot job competition 1
foot job competition 2

ive Princesses give two losers a foot job, and the loser have know :)

Game of smells

2018-08-29 16:30 minutes
Game of smells 1
Game of smells 2

Nikki has invited a new slave, and 5 Princesses ready to give him a unforgettable evening. After being introduced to all the girls by smelling their pussies, it is time for a game! Any good slave should know the distinctive smell of a Princess, so let the games begin

Shona Ass kicking

2018-08-22 7:51 minutes Female Domination
Shona Ass kicking 1
Shona Ass kicking 2

Shona River want to say goodbye to her slave her own way. She have him stand in the living room, and she is wearing some sexy boots. She start kicking his ass and have him bend over to get some real nice kicks in his sorry ass. She even try to penetrate his

Dirty flip flops licking ad trampling 1
Dirty flip flops licking ad trampling 2

Shona Rivers let her slave lick the dirt from the soles of her flip flops first, then she make some trampling.

Two spittons and armpits lickers 1
Two spittons and armpits lickers 2

Shona Rivers use her slaves as two worthless spittons and armpit lickers

Shona Deepthroat and ass fucking

2018-08-01 13:22 minutes Female Domination, Strapon
Shona Deepthroat and ass fucking 1
Shona Deepthroat and ass fucking 2

Shona River comes into the room with a strapon, and her bitch is waiting for her. She is walking around her prey like a tiger before she have him start sucking her strapon. She pushes his head and make him suck the dildo deepthroat, to some serious gagging from her prey.

the winner licks my ass

2018-07-29 6:10 minutes Asses, Cuckold, Femdom
the winner licks my ass 1
the winner licks my ass 2

Shona river loves the game winner licks my ass, loser licks the cum...but in fact the winner is loser as well.

Shonas human toilets

2018-07-17 6:47 minutes Peeing
 Shonas human toilets 1
 Shonas human toilets 2

Damm this girl will make you crazy. Shona River is so sexy using two human toilets just pissing in slaves mouth ans smiling inocant and sexy.