Tina Blade and Nikki 04 1
Tina Blade and Nikki 04 2

Princess Nikki and Princess Tina starts with a ballbusting session. Unfortunatly they starts in the full power modus and the slaves balls are out of order after 2 minutes, but you can see some really hard kicks in this time. Pincess Nikki is really angry about this lack of strongness. She orders him to put a rubish bascet on his head and both Princesses starts to kick him without marcy everywhere on his body and also whip him really strong with a balt!

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December 08, 2016 00:55 desTenyB59 ★★★★★ no comment entered
December 26, 2017 22:52 Frank What an sadistic talent Mistress Blade is....so Creative plus active.....Besides, i really do like Her Outfit....
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