Fart and Burp HD

2020-09-25Princess Mini14:08 minutesFemale Domination, Humiliation, Spitting
Fart and Burp HD 1
Fart and Burp HD 2

Nikki and Mini loves farting and burping. This is a backstage cam version showing also the camera man who have to inhale all the gas while filming. And yeas we use an air pump :)

mustard armpits second cam HD 1
mustard armpits second cam HD 2

Princess Amira let the slave lick mustard from her armpits and titts

mustard armpits HD

2020-07-106:40 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Humiliation
mustard armpits HD 1
mustard armpits HD 2

Princess Amira let the slave lick mustard from her armpits and titts

Mini snoking Pov Front Cam HD 1
Mini snoking Pov Front Cam HD 2

The clip is a simple POV with Mini in front of the camera shot from the waist up wearing a nice bra. The fantasy is that I am naked and bound in front of her and she is smoking a cigarette and torturing my nipples with it. She takes great pleasure in burning them repeatedly and sadisticly. If possible have something off camera that she can press the cigarette on so that it comes back into shot looking like it has been used to burn me perhaps she might even have to relight it. My mouth is gagged open and she uses it as her ashtray throughout She taunts me about how she is never going to let me go and will be torturing me every day. As much English as possible but a few Hungarian phrases wouldn't hurt. At the end of the clip she stubs the cigarette out on my tongue and tells me to swallow it. I would like this to be the first in a series of POV torture clip featuring Mini. 

Smiley and Nikki pee for you 1
Smiley and Nikki pee for you 2

Look at cute Smiley and horny Nikki pissing for you in a glas.

using ico.s and pissing

2020-05-284:44 minutesFemale Domination, Humiliation, Peeing
using ico.s and pissing 1
using ico.s and pissing 2

Amirah explains Nikki how to use ico.s, both girls ignore the loser under them, they just piss in his mouth like he would be a toilet and continue talking about more important things.

piss from glas talk about shi second cam 1
piss from glas talk about shi second cam 2

Amirah is pissing in a glas for a slave and she is telling him how she will shi in his mouth.

Amirah-Look at Me

2020-01-179:47 minutesFemale Domination, Humiliation, Spitting
Amirah-Look at Me  1
Amirah-Look at Me  2


This would be an up close POV clip where Amirah is facing the camera/viewer Up close. if possible the room is hot and she is sweating alot with her face wet and sweaty, and her tongue is extra white and dirty. Her entire face is in view the entire time and she opens her eyes very wide and makes sexy seductive and consistent eye contact with the camera/viewer through the entire clip she looks at the viewer/camera holding her gaze with her eyes always in view. then she tells the viewer to "look at me", pauses and stares very wide eyed intently into the camera for a moment then After the wide eyed staredown, she sticks her tongue stuck out as far out as possible to make the viewer look deep down her throat and show off how dirty the back of her tongue is while saying ahhhh. she also does a sexy seductive stare with the viewer periodically. then she steams and fogs up the camera with her breath repeatedly with her eyes widely staring at the viewer into the camera hocking at the viewer while looking into her eyes. while up close and mouth wide open she Flexes her tonsils if possible making gross gagging noises with the back of her throat, then

while looking menacingly at the viewer, she starts snorting, coughing and hocking up loogies aiming into the camera letting as much spit accumulate in her mouth and sticks her tongue out playing with the spit on her tongue and then licks around her lips and spreads the spit from her tongue to her face letting it coat her face and drool slowly. she is up close to the viewers face (camera) with the very up close eye contact,  and hocking. (similar to the last video with Mel) she burps occasionally too, gets up close to the camera with her nostrils up close see we can see inside them clearly as well. every now and then she sticks her hand down her throat gagging herself to create more spit as well while making seductive eye contact with the viewer. she repeats this throughout the clip hocking at the viewer/camera while making very wide eyed staredowns with constant eye contact at the viewer breathing and hocking heavily while looking at the viewer/camera. she also repeatedly screams at the viewer to "LOOK AT ME" as she looks very wide eyed at the viewer/camera. this will NOT have the glass pane, she will keep the spit on her tongue and spread out around her lips mouth and face by licking her lips and around her mouth letting it just drool out.