Domi and Kimi backstage with a toilet slave  1
Domi and Kimi backstage with a toilet slave  2

Watch Domi and Kimi in some backstage impressions with her toilet slave including dirty face spitting.

Madaira Piss Dreams 01

2021-04-10Morgan Moon and Rachel Evans7:54 minutesHuman Ashtray, Peeing, Spitting
Madaira Piss Dreams 01 1
Madaira Piss Dreams 01 2

first Rachel Evens use the slave as a human toilet, spitton and human asthry then they pee on you from above with Nikki together.

Sarah spitting again

2021-02-1617:36 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Spitting
Sarah spitting again 1
Sarah spitting again 2

Once again Sarah spits a lot in slave face sitting on his brest.

Sarah spitting from above

2021-02-0918:49 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Spitting
Sarah spitting from above 1
Sarah spitting from above 2

Sitting above the victim Sarah spits in his mouth and give him some facebusting with her feet.

Amirahs spit victim

2021-01-1010:22 minutesFemale Domination, Humiliation, Spitting
Amirahs spit victim 1
Amirahs spit victim 2

wish clip


 i want Amira to wear WHITE SOCKS and have a short jeans on 

I want Amira to sit on a chair and put the slave under the chair and put her white socks on his chest and start spit on slave face until the slave face is full of WHITE SPIT and at the end i want her to rub her white socks on his face and clean all those spit with the socks 

Minis spit victim HD

2020-11-11Princess Mini19:35 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Spitting
Minis spit victim HD 1
Minis spit victim HD 2

extreme spitting wish clip.

Amirah Look at Me Again

2020-10-2610:08 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Spitting
Amirah Look at Me Again 1
Amirah Look at Me Again 2

This would be a very up close POV clip focused with the camera zoomed all the way into her face where here eyes and mouth are clearly visible. where Amira's mouth & tongue is extra dirty and white and if possible she is in a hot room or outside in hot sun sweating so her face is glistening with sweat. Her entire face is in view the entire time and she opens her eyes wide and makes stern and consistent eye contact with the camera/viewer through the entire clip she looks at the viewer/camera holding her gaze with her eyes always in view. then she tells the viewer to "look at me", pauses and says "smell my breath" and opens her mouth in a wide disgusting manner and orderd her breath repeatedly hard into the camera. fogging the lens momentarily. She also sticks her tongue stuck out as far out as possible to make the viewer look deep down her throat and show off how dirty the back of her tongue is. this time she doesn't do as much coughing and hocking but mostly heavy nasty breaths into the camera making the viewer smell her breath while looking into her eyes.. she repeats this throughout the clip and makes her mouth into as gross and disgusting of shapes as she is able to while ordering her breath into the camera making loud exaggerated breath noises with deep exhalations. she also does periodic stern stare downs with constant eye contact at the viewer prior to unleashing her  breaths while looking at the viewer/camera. any spit she can accumulate, she lets drip out of her mouth and licks it to spread it around her lips mouth and chin letting it drool sloppily around her face. (see attached pic for close up zoom level)

Disgusting spitters and an egg HD 1
Disgusting spitters and an egg HD 2

Many of you are asking for more vids with Mini and Nikki spiting on a loser in the disgusting way only them can do. Here we go agai, the Princesses have fun as always, this time they decide to order him at the end in the bath tube and crush some eggs on his funny...

Fart and Burp HD

2020-09-25Princess Mini14:08 minutesFemale Domination, Humiliation, Spitting
Fart and Burp HD 1
Fart and Burp HD 2

Nikki and Mini loves farting and burping. This is a backstage cam version showing also the camera man who have to inhale all the gas while filming. And yeas we use an air pump :)

disgusting spitting HD

2020-08-1313:03 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Spitting
disgusting spitting HD 1
disgusting spitting HD 2

Mini and Nikki have so much fun spitting at this disgusting loser so they did it again.really disgusting.