jeans face sitting and finger anal

2017-08-02 Princess Lisa 8:51 minutes Face Sitting
jeans face sitting and finger anal 1
jeans face sitting and finger anal 2

First Lisa sitts in jeans on slaves face zhen she put a finger in his ass.

Lisas dirty boots

2017-07-26 Princess Lisa 8:30 minutes Shoes
Lisas dirty boots 1
Lisas dirty boots 2

Lissa makes her shoes really dirty on the balcony this rainy day and let the slave lick all the dirt from her soles.

Piss over the toilet

2017-07-22 Princess Lisa 3:35 minutes Peeing
Piss over the toilet 1
Piss over the toilet 2

lisa piss over the toilet and let the slave lick the toilet.

Lisa Spitting and Ass Worship

2017-07-14 Princess Lisa 7:10 minutes Female Domination
Lisa  Spitting and Ass Worship 1
Lisa  Spitting and Ass Worship 2

After using the slave as a spitton Lisa allows him to lick her devine ass.

Lisa Smokes ans Spits

2017-07-08 Princess Lisa 7:37 minutes Spitting
Lisa  Smokes ans Spits  1
Lisa  Smokes ans Spits  2

Its time for a smoke break on the balcony. Lisa use her slave as an ashtry and helps him to swollow the ash by spitting in his mouth.

Lisa new Slave Welcome

2017-07-03 Princess Lisa 22:20 minutes Peeing
Lisa new Slave Welcome 1
Lisa new Slave Welcome 2

Lady Lisa have a new slave at her disposal, and she start by dragging him into the bathroom. She start to take a shower while he must watch. But this is just to tease. She pulls the slave in the shower cabinet, and she give the slave a “shower” as well. The difference is that it is a golden shower.
She make the slave put her shoes on, and start worshiping her shoes. Before he is told to take them of and start massaging her feet. After a massage he is allowed to worship her feet. She put the slave on the ground, and start feeding him with her spit as a goodbye.

Kicking Your Useless Balls

2017-06-24 12:20 minutes Ball busting
Kicking Your Useless Balls 1
Kicking Your Useless Balls 2
Kicking Your Useless Balls 3
Kicking Your Useless Balls 4

Princess Nikki so tired of ineffective and stupid slaves! She don’t know why do they have to be so fxxking stupid! Well Nikki have a cure for such frustration. Zazie is still here with her, and she tell her that the best way to get rid of bad temper is to “kick” it out of the system!

Her slave is ordered to get on his knees, and they start kicking him just because they can! The Princesses keep kicking until he falls to the ground, and then order him back in position again. Nikki thinks his balls are completely useless, so she take her best shots kicking his nuts as hard as she can. You can really hear the nutcrack! Zazie is really eager to try this as well. And with a couple of tries she really get the hang of it!  

Nikki and Tina piss

2017-06-19 3:33 minutes Peeing
Nikki and Tina piss 1
Nikki and Tina piss 2
Nikki and Tina piss 3
Nikki and Tina piss 4

Nikki and tina Blade gve a slave a lesson how to swollow piss.

Clean our dirty Shoes!

2017-06-11 6:11 minutes Peeing
Clean our dirty Shoes! 1
Clean our dirty Shoes! 2
Clean our dirty Shoes! 3
Clean our dirty Shoes! 4

Zazie and Nikki have been outside, and their shoes are pretty dirty. So Nikki tell her that it is no problem, She have a pathetic shoe cleaner just perfect for such dirty work.

Nikki order her shoe cleaner to get his tongue working on their soles. You know outside there is a lot of dog shit, piss and other disgusting things. So Princesses like Nikki and Zazie should not clean such a mess themselves! The slave must clean both Zazie’s and Nikki’s shoes for whatever filth and shit they contain!

This should be a privileged job for a slave.. So close to Princess feet!

Teaching Zazie whipping

2017-06-05 11:09 minutes Whipping
Teaching Zazie whipping  1
Teaching Zazie whipping  2
Teaching Zazie whipping  3
Teaching Zazie whipping  4

Zazie Skymm came for a visit to Nikki today. She is not really familiar with slaves, and even more the possibilities this gives the Princesses. Nikki’s  slave was there, so Nikki wanted to show her how much fun it can be with a slave. How much pain you can inflict, and they have no escape!

Zazie was rather excited by this thought, and Nikki started whipping with a belt, before Zazie dared to try. But Zazie got the hang of this very fast. So they just kept going and going. Whipping the slave to the floor several times! But we did not care, I ordered him to get back in position. Nikki and Zazie just kept going until they are bored by the whipping!