Nikki and Mini piss givers

2016-04-19Princess Mini10:37 minutesPeeing
Nikki and Mini piss givers 1
Nikki and Mini piss givers 2

Nikki and Mini piss in a glass and zhe slaves have a good time :)

Alysha Piss Queen

2015-11-09Lady Alysha10:21 minutesPeeing
Alysha Piss Queen 1
Alysha Piss Queen 2

Look at Lady Allysha using her slave as a piss bowl :)

A must have for any piss fan!

Samantha Bentley Piss Lady

2015-11-06Samantha Bentley9:18 minutesPeeing
Samantha Bentley Piss Lady 1
Samantha Bentley Piss Lady 2

Samantha Bentley needs to piss. She orders the slave to lick her pussy and asshole clean after using the toilet.